3 Reasons Porta Potty Rental Is Important For Your Short Construction Project


As someone in the construction business, you will be faced with all kinds of projects both big and small. It is no secret that renting portable toilet facilities is important for those long-term projects. However, if you are like some construction business owners, you will skip this step in the preparation when starting a short-term project. Even if you are only going to be on a site in an urban area for a few days, it is crucial to have porta potties on site for your employees. Here is a look at why portable facilities should be a part of every construction project no matter how short it may be. 

Providing portable facilities is actually a requirement. 

As a business owner who oversees the well-being of your employees, it is important that you ensure their comfort on the job site. Because of this, portable toilets are most often a requirement set forth by OSHA if there are no available facilities in the area. Therefore, if you don't have porta potties at the job site simply because it is a short project, you could still be slapped with fines from OSHA for not meeting their requirements. 

Providing portable toilets is respectful of local business owners. 

If there are other facilities in the vicinity, such as at a local retail store or a next door place of business, you may assume that getting by for a few days with those that are available in the area will work just fine. However, many business owners frown on people who are not customers using their in-store facilities, and in some cases, they may even turn your employees away. Your employees could be left dealing with the repercussions of this and the local business owners will likely not be happy with you. 

Providing portable toilets helps ensure productivity. 

If there are no toilet facilities available on site at the place of construction, it means every time an employee needs a restroom, they will have to leave the job site. This is not a very productive thing and will eat into daily production levels for every individual. With porta potties on site, you can ensure the toilets are close enough that getting to and from them will not be a time-consuming thing for employees. In some cases, construction business owners will actually have portable toilets placed at varying points so there is a facility within close walking distance from different work areas. 

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19 October 2017

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