Hair Clogging the Drain? 3 Ways To Ensure Your Shower Drain Empties Thoroughly


When you have medium to long hair or thick hair, it's likely that you'll experience hair falling out pretty regularly. This can increase quite a bit once you've started styling your hair with heating products or styling products. This extra wear on your hair can lead to hair falling out in the shower and going down the drain.

If you've noticed that your shower doesn't drain as quickly as before, you need to look into what you can do to get the drain cleaned out thoroughly. With the following tips, you will be able to keep the water draining efficiently and prevent any serious issues with your drain.

Use a Wire Hook to Clear the Drain

When water begins pooling up while you're showering, it's a sure sign that the water may not be draining as efficiently as it once did. This can lead to you standing in a pool of water while showering and make it frustrating to drain all of the water after showering. If you're eager to improve the draining on your own, try using a wire hook.

Buying a wire hook pull for a shower drain can allow you to grab hair that's been stuck in the drain and pull it up. You may even be able to make a hook using a wire hanger, helping you to pull hair out that can cause issues for the drain.

Get a Shower Drain Catcher

The easiest way to keep the drain from getting clogged is through prevention with a drain catcher. A mesh or metal drain catcher can be placed over the drain and collect hair before it goes down the drain. You can empty the catcher out whenever it has become full instead of letting hair go down the drain and becoming a bigger issue.

Bring in a Professional for Cleaning

If your shower drain is already taking a long time to empty and DIY methods aren't effective, it's vital to bring in a professional for help. Plumbing services can include drain cleaning, allowing you to remove hair that's become trapped in the shower. This will allow the water to drain quicker and make showering more enjoyable for you.

Styling your hair more often means that your hair will take a hit, and more strands of your hair will fall out while showering. If you've noticed that your drain isn't emptying as quickly, there are several things that you can do to make the shower drain more effectively.  


24 October 2017

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