Why Sustainable Plumbing Matters To New Homeowners


Today's homebuyer is more educated and more discerning. He is also more concerned about the environment. As a real estate developer, it is in your interest to take this dimension into consideration in all aspects of your building, including plumbing.

The modern home owner does not want to see wastage in any form; whether in terms of energy or water. He also wants a home that will have the least impact on the environment. Any measure in this direction will be appreciated and will add value to the home. So what can you do to ensure sustainable plumbing in your real estate projects?

Energy Efficiency

Take measures to ensure that your buildings use energy efficiently. Install energy efficient lighting fixtures. Home buyers are likely to appreciate an energy efficient heating and cooling system as well as a solar powered hot water system.

Saves Water

Sustainable plumbing reduces water usage. You can begin by installing toilets, shower heads, and faucets that use less water. Also consider installing integrated toilet suites. In these toilets, the hand wash basin is placed on top of the cistern. After flushing, the water you use for washing your hands goes directly into the cistern.

You can also install a rain-water harvesting system. Such water can piped back through the main pipe and used to water gardens, flush toilets and for laundry

Grey Water System

You can also recycle water from the shower and reuse it for watering the garden or flushing the toilet. Here, you can choose between a diversion method and a plumbed-in option. The diversion system allows you to pipe the wastewater directly into the garden. No treatment or storage is required.

The plumbed-in system requires storage and treatment of wastewater. The water is then pumped back into the system and used for watering gardens flushing and laundry. Plumbed-in recycling is, however, a bit expensive to install, and you'll need to get council approval. However, lawns will still need to be watered and using recycled water for this purpose makes more environmental sense.

Health Benefits

Sustainable plumbing offers health benefits in that it reduces the spread of bacteria. Sensor operated faucets are hygienic, as you do not have to touch them, limiting the spread of bacteria. This kind of faucet is especially useful in toilets.

Adopting sustainable plumbing will make your home more attractive to buyers and will show that you care about the environment. Before you begin your project, consult a plumbing repair service, such as Drainman The, to install the fixtures.


27 October 2017

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