How To Determine The Best Location For A Tankless Water Heater


If you have decided to invest in a new water heater for energy efficiency reasons, then a tankless device may just be your best option. There are some things you need to think about when it comes to your new water heater, and this includes the best location for the device. Keep reading to learn about a few factors that need to be considered when thinking about location.

Consider Vents

The most efficient tankless water heaters are the ones that use natural gas. If you install a natural gas device, then you will need to also secure a vent that allows the exhaust gasses to be removed from your home. This is essential when it comes to the safe use of your water heater. 

You do have the option of using your old vent for the new water heater. However, most people want their tankless systems closer to the point of use. This helps to reduce the amount of energy that is needed to heat the water. It also ensures that you will have enough hot water while showering. 

If you need to move the vent due to the placement of the water heater, then you will need to make sure that the vent is secured about three feet from any window. If a new vent is needed, the you will also need to make sure it can be installed through the basement wall. If it cannot, then it may be best to find a closet or other space where the heater can sit and be vented properly.

Keep in mind that roof vents are a possibility as well. If you want a roof vent, then first or second story placement of the appliance is a good choice to realistically minimize the length of the device. 

Think About Mounting

While most people will think only about efficiency, hot water needs, and venting, they will often forget that the unit needs to be mounted. This is very different from the tank models, and it may make it impossible for you to place the unit in the same area as the old water heater.

When it comes to mounting, you can build a platform or mount from wood. This is ideal as long as the platform is stable and secure. If it is not and the water heater falls away from the mount, then wiring, water lines, and gas lines can break away from the unit. This can cause a gas leak, flood, or fire issue.

Platforms can be created with 2x4 lumber as long as the lumber is secured to the floor, ceiling, or wall. In some cases, braces may help with the installation along ceilings if a platform is difficult to build. You should also keep in mind that the heater itself should be secured four to six inches away from the wall, ceiling, and floor. This is due to the heat created by the device. 


6 November 2017

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