Water Around The Toilet? You May Have A Bad Seal


Nobody wants to find out that their toilet is leaking, but it happens nonetheless. If you've noticed that water seems to be appearing from nowhere on the floor of your bathroom around the toilet, you may have a faulty seal. Keep reading to learn more about this problem, how it happens, and what should be done about it:

Floor Leaks

Bathrooms tend to have at least three potential sources of leaks: the toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower. However, if the water is only appearing around the toilet, chances are that it's the culprit.

With that in mind, you should still troubleshoot to make sure that your other bathroom plumbing devices aren't leaking. The best way to do this is to fully mop up the water until the floor is dry, then shut off the water to the entire house. With the water turned off, flush the toilet. If the toilet is leaking when you flush it, there should be at least some pooling water that appears.

If no water appears, you may have a problem with a different bathroom appliance. Alternatively, it may be the toilet tank that's leaking. Turn the water back on and see if a puddle forms as the toilet fills. If not, contact a plumber to hunt down the source of your bathroom puddle.

How They Happen

If your toilet is leaking when you flush it, it means that there's a problem with the seal between the floor and the toilet.

When toilets are installed, they're placed into an opening in the floor where they meet the sewage pipe that takes any flushed waste and water out of your home. A sealant is put in place around the base of the toilet to prevent any flushed material from escaping before it's pushed down the pipe. However, this sealant can break down over time, and then it can allow small amounts of water to pool on the floor.

Fixing It

In most cases, it's best to simply allow a plumber to fix this problem. In most cases, floorboards will need to be removed to examine the seal. Unfortunately, the floor of your bathroom may have already experienced water damage by the time you notice that water is pooling. This will also need to be repaired or replaced before your bathroom can get back to normal. As a result, it's usually too much for the average homeowner to take on, so plan on calling a plumber.

Toilet leaks are a nuisance and one that should be immediately attended to. The sooner you get help, the less likely it is that your floor will need serious repairs. Contact a plumber today regarding replacing plumbing and leaks.


8 November 2017

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