Dislodge Hair From A Bathroom Sink's Plumbing


If your adolescent daughter tends to brush her hair in front of the bathroom sink and now the sink's plumbing is clogged and you fear that hair has caused the blockage, do not worry incessantly about the plumbing becoming damaged or being unable to use the sink the proper way. Some basic steps can be completed to correct the plumbing problem and prevent clogs from becoming an issue again. 

You Will Need

  • metal snake
  • hand plunger
  • drain opener
  • flashlight
  • large utility bucket
  • pair of pliers
  • wire brush
  • detergent

Dislodge Hair From The Drain's Opening

Purchase a metal snake from a hardware or plumbing supply store. This type of tool is thin and long and has notches throughout the length of it. Remove the sink's drain cover. Insert the tool as far as you can into the sink's drain. As the notches come into contact with hair strands, the ends of the hair will wrap around the notches. Pull the snake slowly upward and remove hair strands that were collected. Continue inserting the snake back into the drain and pulling the tool upward until you have removed as much hair as possible.

Turn on one of the sink's faucets and watch the water go down the drain. If water drains slowly or not at all, chances are that some of the hair is still lodged in portions of the plumbing. Use a hand plunger to loosen clogs. If this does not work, pour a liquid drain opener down the drain. Wait a while for the drain opener to dislodge hair before turning one of the faucets on. 

Use A Wire Brush And Detergent To Clean Plumbing

If your attempts to unclog the plumbing were not successful by using the previous tips, you will have no other option than to remove the pipe that is attached to the bottom of the sink's drain. Use a flashlight to help you locate metal hardware that is attached to the ends of the pipe. Use a pair of pliers to remove hardware. Have a large utility bucket on hand so that you can gently shake one end of the pipe into the bucket.

If the pipe is dirty and has visible signs of staining near each end of the plumbing. Use a wire brush that has detergent on it to clean the plumbing. After removing hair from the inside of the pipe, reattach the plumbing piece. Before your daughter brushes her hair while standing in front of the mirror, tell her to drape a towel over the sink's basin so that loose pieces of hair do not go down the drain. 

Contact a plumbing company, like Towers Murray Plumbing , for more help.


13 November 2017

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