Water Well Issues Every Well Owner Needs To Be Aware Of


If your property has a water well, it is wise to know some things that can interfere with its performance. Sometimes well owners have issues that are related to their wells, and other situations that arise may be due to well pump problems. The following points will help you to understand a few things that can negatively impact the performance of your well.

Low Water Table

Perhaps you live in an area that has scorching summers, and you may have some summers when there are droughts in your area. This can lead to there simply not being enough water available to supply water to your home. The color of your water is one indicator that there may be an issue with the water table. For example, the water may have a muddy or dirty appearance. You might also notice that the water spurts out of your faucets rather than flowing freely. Sometimes the well pump position is the culprit and cause for this type of a scenario. A professional, like those at County Pump & Supply Co, can inspect your well and determine whether placing the pump lower into the ground will improve your well's performance.


The water that enters your home from your well comes from underground. This means that there is a chance that sediment from the ground can get trapped inside of important components and cause problems. Examples of types of sediment are small rocks, dirt, and hard water minerals. Installing a water softener can aid in improving hard water issues when water enters your home. However, when the minerals enter the well pump bearings and other areas of the well, they can cause major issues because they are abrasive and can cause damage. 

Pump Issues

Your water well pump will need to be replaced at some point due to normal "wear and tear." However, there are some other pump issues that you may also encounter. Sometimes individuals have the wrong size well pumps. Pump size is determined by water usage as well as the plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water. If your water pump is too small, it will likely overwork itself leading to inadequate performance and premature pump failure. One sign of an overworked well pump is frequent power cycling. 

A water well company is a good resource to use to determine the exact nature of any issues you experience with your well. Routine maintenance is an essential way to ensure that your well's components, such as the well pump, have a long lifecycle. 


17 November 2017

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