Why You Should Have An Outside Sewer Cleanout Installed


Your sewer system is an important part of your home. Your sewer drains help take your waste and wastewater out of your home, into the sewer and to whatever magical place it goes to next. Wherever it ends up, it's better than coming back into your home whenever you have a clog or other drainage problem. To help prevent this from happening to you, having a cleanout installed outside of your home will help make clearing clogs easier. See below for reasons why you need a cleanout and other drain care tips.

Why You Need An Exterior Cleanout

An exterior cleanout provides a place for your sewer drain to be snaked from the outside, rather than inside your home where you could end up with a big mess. Rodding your unit from the inside using rented equipment may also prove to make quite a mess, as you may be bringing in someone else's "mess" on the equipment you're dragging into your home. Using a cleanout outside your home will still make a mess, but at least it's outside, not in.

Sometimes you can rod your system from the toilet, but it may not reach all the way out to the main drain as needed, and it could cause damage to your toilet. Having an exterior cleanout installed near your home will get you that much closer to the main drain and prevent you from damaging anything inside your house.

If having an exterior cleanout installed, hire a professional for help with this task. You want to be sure this job is done properly to ensure proper drainage from your home to the main drain.

Drain Care Tips

Your sewer drain may not be able to handle too much and could be quite sensitive, especially if you live in an older home. If you are experiencing clogs often, be sure nothing is going down your drains that shouldn't be there. Also stick with one-ply toilet paper or toilet paper that is best for sensitive sewers. Don't flush anything else, even if it says flushable. Keep the drain stop in your sinks to prevent anything from going down your drains. If you have issues with roots in your sewer from nearby trees, use a granular root killer to help kill the roots and prevent them from invading your sewer.

Call a professional plumber, such as at Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky Inc, if you are experiencing issues with clogs in your drains. You may have some issues that requires the help of a professional, who has the tools and know-how to get the job done right.


2 December 2017

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