How You Can Tell If You Have A Problem With Your Sewage Line


As a property owner, it is imperative that you are well informed as to whether there is a problem with the sewage line that runs from the home to the main public sewage line. Since the sewage line is underground, you will have to look for specific things or take certain steps in order to spot problems with it. Here are some of the things that you will need to do:

The Grass Is Suddenly More Fertilized

If you have noticed that there is a section of grass that is growing faster and is much more vibrant in color than the rest of the grass, and it just so happens to be over top of where part of the sewage line runs, you most likely have a problem. This sudden fertilization of the grass is a result of a leak from your sewage line. Even a little crack or break in the line can result in a lot of sewage waste leaking into the soil. To find the exact location of the crack or break, you will want to hire a sewage line contractor who will be able to conduct a sewer camera inspection. This way, you will not have to worry about any more of your yard being dug up than what absolutely has to be dug up.

All Of Your Drains Are Slow Moving

A single drain issue is not usually a result of a bad sewage line. However, if all of the drains in your house are slow moving and you are starting to find that it is taking more than one flush to get waste flushed from the toilet, you may have a sewer line problem. Do not assume that just because you do not yet have any issues with sewage backing up into the home that there is not a problem. There could be a clog in the line that is blocking the majority of the pipe, but is still letting a little waste and water move past it.

With those suggestions in mind, you should have a much easier time determining if you are indeed experiencing a problem with your underground sewage line. Just make sure that you are immediately calling for assistance with the repair of your sewage line the moment you suspect that there is a problem with it. Even small cracks or leaks cannot be ignored as they can make the soil around it toxic and the problem can quickly get out of hand before you know it. Contact a service, like Streamline  Plumbing, for more help.


16 May 2018

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