Know Your Home's Plumbing And How To Care For Problems


When it comes to your home's plumbing, you want to make sure you take care of the whole system in a way that keeps things running smoothly, but you don't want to spend more money than you really need to either. You can read this article to learn some tips on how to know that it's time to replace some of the plumbing parts around your home:

Recognize the signs of a faulty faucet – If a faucet is slightly leaking and you can stop the leaking by turning the faucet handle a bit more to the 'off' position, then you may be able to keep the faucet and simply have some of the inside parts replaced. However, if the faucet has a good and steady leak you can't get to stop, then there is a good chance you would be better off just replacing the entire faucet. When choosing a new faucet, stay away from ones made of plastic. While they may be extremely affordable, they also won't last long at all.

Recognize toilet issues – If you find that one of your toilets doesn't allow the water to go down as it should, then you should use the plunger to push through any clog that is causing it. If the toilet moves when you sit on it, then you need to replace the gasket that sits between the toilet and the floor. Once this gasket is replaced, it shouldn't move at all once you go to sit on it. If the toilet seat moves or is cracked, you can purchase a new one that comes with new bolts and caps. You can easily remove the current one and replace it with the new seat and the new parts.

Recognizing loose pipe brackets – Check on the plumbing brackets and be sure they are tight, so you won't have to worry about your pipes moving, which can lead to them breaking. Sometimes, you can hear when these brackets get loose because they make a banging sound as the pipes move.

Finding weaknesses – If you see any areas around your house that are at a greater risk of leaking or bursting pipes should have the pipes checked regularly. You should also have those areas professionally waterproofed, so you know that the damages will be minimal if there ever is a flood. Just as you will want to waterproof areas that are prone to water damages that have been caused by things like flooding.

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25 June 2018

Understanding Plumbing Components

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