3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Backyard Wedding


If you and your spouse-to-be are like many modern couples, you're not as interested in traditional wedding and reception venues as your counterparts of the past. Perhaps you simply want a more intimate setting for your celebration, or maybe you'd rather put the price of an expensive venue rental toward a down payment on a home or a fabulous honeymoon. Whatever the reason, more and more couples are choosing to have their ceremonies and receptions in their own backyards -- or the backyards or their parents or grandparents. This can be a wonderful alternative to renting a local venue, especially when the right planning is part of the picture. 

Following are three ways you can help ensure your backyard wedding goes as smoothly as possible. 

Keep Your Guest List Size-Appropriate

One of the biggest mistakes people make when planning backyard weddings is not giving enough consideration to the size of the guest list -- they seem to think there will automatically be enough room for everyone because it's an outdoor venue. However, this sometimes leads to cramped, uncomfortable conditions for everyone involved. Keep in mind that outdoor weddings are usually scheduled during the warmest times of the year, which makes being in a crowd uncomfortable at best. Make sure everyone has enough room to freely walk around.

Keep Your Food Covered

The food at backyard weddings is generally served buffet or barbecue-style in keeping with the casual setting. It's important to keep perishable food and beverages cold to prevent dangerous bacterial growth, and it's also important to keep hot foods hot for the same reason. Most people are aware of these requirements yet forget to provide overhead coverage for these foods -- although this coverage won't do much to regulate the temperature of the foods except in scenarios involving a hot sun beating down, but that's not their main purpose. The reason all food and beverages should be kept underneath an overhead covering is to protect them from birds flying overhead -- few things ruin a wedding feast faster than the presence of bird droppings in the food and drink. 

Keep Your Bathroom Bases Covered

It's probable that the bathrooms in the house won't be adequate to suit your wedding ceremony and reception needs, unless, of course, you're planning a very small event. Hiring a portable toilet provider, like the one represented at http://www.waltersportabletoilets.com, is a gracious gesture that shows you have the comfort of your guests in mind. It will also cut down significantly on traffic in and out of your home during the festivities. 


19 July 2018

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