Three Warning Signs Of Roots Clogging Your Sewer Main


Your home's plumbing system can become clogged for a wide range of different reasons, from flushing something that does not need to be flushed to long-term hard water exposure. However, one of the more common and more serious clogs that can affect your plumbing system is associated with your landscaping. If tree roots are able to work their way into or around the pipes buried in your yard, they can cause massive clogs and leaks that can disrupt your entire property. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with tree root clogs can help you identify when you need to talk to both a plumbing and a landscaping contractor.

Whole House Clogs

A tree root clog is unique among plumbing clogs in that it will block the sewer main from your home, which is the central pipe that moves all wastewater into the sewer system. This means that the clog will not affect a single drain, but will instead affect all of your drains at once. With that said, you will notice that the drains on the lower levels of your home will suffer first. After enough time has passed and enough water has flowed down, as long as there are no leaks in the sewer main, you may notice that water and even sewage begins to come back up your drains. Conventional drain cleaning solutions won't solve this problem.

Wet Areas in the Yard

With that said, it is extremely unlikely that a root will be able to break into your sewer main without actually letting at least a small amount of liquid waste to leak out around it. This means that you are likely to see an area within your yard where water or moisture is accumulating without seeming to dry out, no matter how warm it is outside. This is likely where, or at the very least near, where the leak is.

Strong Odors

Finally, because sewage can either back up into your home or can leak out into the soil underneath your yard, you will likely notice that there are strong smells of sewage floating around either your drains on the inside of your home, or around the wet areas in your yard. Keep in mind that handling or going near raw sewage can represent a massive health risk, so the best course of action is to avoid using your plumbing system as much as possible and to get a professional to come examine your system.


26 September 2018

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