Commonly Asked Questions About A Gas Furnace


Have you always live in small homes that an only be warmed up by way of a portable heater? You may have noticed that portable heaters can take a long time to provide a sufficient amount of heat, and they commonly are only able to warm up a single room. If you are now living in a house that has a central heating system, it is likely a good feeling because every room can be warmed up in a fast and sufficient manner. A central heating system might be the most convenient way of obtaining heat when it is cold, but it can also be dangerous if the gas furnace doesn't function properly. If you want to learn about the common questions that homeowners ask about gas furnaces, continue reading this article.

Why Did the Pilot Flame Go Out?

When a pilot flame goes out, it is usually one of the easiest problems to fix with a gas furnace. The pilot can be reignited within seconds if you call a technician to assist — unless there is something seriously wrong that must be repaired. A common reason why pilot flames go out is due to a draft of air passing by the furnace. You might notice that the flame goes out more frequently when the door to the furnace area is left open. It is a good idea to keep windows and doors that are near the furnace closed during the times in which you need to use the central heating system.

What Causes the Odor of Gas?

A few things can be responsible for a furnace omitting the odor of gas. It is important to take action in a fast manner when there is the frequent odor of gas in your house while the central heating system is running. The biggest problem that you should be concerned about is the possibility of there being a leaking gas line attached to the furnace. You might need to get the line replaced if the damaged area of it is large and unable to be patched up. A malfunctioning pilot or thermocouple can also lead to gas leaking into your house in large amounts.

Why Did the Furnace Stop Working?

If you don't hear a sound from your furnace after turning the central heating system on, there might be underlying problem of concern. For instance, it is possible that the furnace is unable to power on due to an electrical problem. A circuit breaker might be off, or you might need to get the power cord to the furnace repaired.

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13 December 2018

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