Galvanized Steel Plumbing Pipes: Does Your Home's Water Look Like This?


If your kitchen and bathroom water takes on an unhealthy brown color, it's probably time to check your galvanized pipes. Although galvanized plumbing pipes can withstand a great deal of water and waste, the structures aren't invincible. Over time, galvanized plumbing fixtures can deteriorate, or even fail. If your pipes are in jeopardy of failing, it will show in the color of your home's water. 

Did Your Galvanized Pipes Turn Your Water Brown?

Galvanized steel plumbing pipes are some of the most common plumbing systems in older homes today. However, steel pipes can succumb to a number of time-related things, including rust and sediment buildup.

Sediment, which consists of minerals and other hard substances, can stick to the inside of your pipes and block them. Pieces of brown rust can also break free of the pipes and enter your water supply. Sediment and rust can make your water appear brown over time.

Rusty water isn't necessarily unsafe to drink or use. However, people with certain health problems should avoid consuming rusty water. If your drinking, shower, or toilet water looks rusty, and you want to clear it up, have a plumber check your galvanized pipes for rust and sediment buildup.

Can You Do Something About Your Steel Pipes?

A plumber will need to look into a few things before they address the problems with your water. The inspection can help determine if your galvanized pipes are the sources behind your rust-colored water, or if something else occurred in your home or community that affected your water. For example, water can change colors if it contains bacteria and other pathogens. If your city recently worked on your community's water hydrants and sewer lines, it can also affect the quality of your water. 

If a plumber rules out the issues above and determines that your pipes are the cause of your unsightly water, they'll replace the pipes. Although replacing your plumbing pipes may seem like a big job, it's crucial that you do so. Galvanized pipes can break down inside your walls and burst. If the pipes burst beneath your home or inside your floors, it can cause a great deal of problems for your home. 

A contractor can help choose plumbing pipes that work best for your home. If you have any type of problem or concern about the replacement, consult with a plumbing contractor as soon as possible.

Learn more about galvanized steel pipes and how they may change the color of your water by contacting a plumber, like those at Windy City Rooter Inc, now. 


13 July 2019

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