Septic Systems & Waste Water Seeping From The Ground


Did you discover a large pool of water after taking a walk around your property to figure out where a foul odor was coming from? Depending on the type of septic system your house has, it is possible that either the main sewer line or drain field lines are in need of attention. If your house has a septic tank for handling the waste needs of the household, the drain field lines are what you should focus your attention on. Keep in mind that the foul smelling water in the yard is likely waste from the septic tank that wasn't able to move freely through the drain field lines as it should have. In this article, you will learn about waste from a septic tank rising out of the yard and why the problem is likely happening.

The Waste Rising from the Ground is Toxic

The waste that is rising out of the ground is highly toxic and must be taken care of as soon as possible. Just because the waste is located on the outside of your house, it doesn't mean that it can't affect your household by simply staying away from it until it goes away. You need to get the waste water removed by a professional, and then proceed with getting your soil treated to remove toxins. The reason why is because leaving the soil untreated can affect any crops that you might have growing on your property if they are near the affected area.

Drain Field Lines Can Become Damaged or Clogged

Drain field lines are an important part of a septic system that uses a tank for waste handling. The lines are needed because the liquid aspect of waste that sits in the tank must travel through them to be properly disposed of. Drain field lines are actually located deep beneath the ground so they can distribute the waste within the lower levels of soil so the top layer won't be affected. However, if the lines are damaged or malfunctioning, a large amount of liquid waste can accumulate due to not flowing as it should, which creates pressure and pushes it to the top of the soil.

Something Might Be Wrong with the Septic Tank

Keep in mind that the septic tank could actually be the reason for waste being on the ground. The tank may not be properly connected to the drain field, which can cause waste to flow directly from the tank. You need to get the connection between the tank and drain field lines inspected and repaired if it is necessary.


11 October 2019

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