Owning A Home And Dealing With Plumbing Problems To Stop Water Damage Before It Starts


Many new homeowners are unaware of the maintenance and repair needs that come with owning a new home. This often means that there are unexpected costs, which may lead you to do some of your own repairs. The plumbing of your home is one of the areas where you will want to find and fix problems before they start. The following guide will help you deal with plumbing problems, repairs, and inspecting pipes for issues that need to be addressed before water damage starts.

1. Make Sure All Plumbing Drains Are Clear and Drain Freely to Prevent Winter Problems

The plumbing drain lines in your home and outside can become blocked due to the buildup of grime on their walls. During the winter months, this buildup in drains can make them more susceptible to problems during freezing temperatures and cause the pipes to clog. Therefore, you want to make sure to have any slow drain problems fixed and cleared before the temperatures drop and a small problem turns into something more serious.

2. Checking the Exposed Water Lines to Ensure They Are Well Insulated to Prevent Damage

The biggest problem that you can have during the winter months is a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures. Therefore, it is important to inspect any exposed plumbing pipes and make sure they are insulated to protect them from the cold outside air. The insulation will also help to prevent energy loss of hot water lines to help make your home more efficient.

3. Winterizing Exterior Plumbing for Things Like Irrigation and Exterior Faucets Before Freezing Temperatures Arrive

There are a lot of plumbing pipes that you have outside, which include outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. The first thing that you want to do is winterize your irrigation systems and clear water from the lines. In addition, turn the water off to outdoor faucets. If the water cannot be turned off on outdoor faucets, wrap them with something to insulate them and protect the plumbing from the cold outdoor air.

4. Servicing and Repairing Water Heaters and Boilers to Ensure Efficient Operation During Cold Winter Weather

Lastly, the water heater in your home should also be serviced before the cold winter weather arrives. Make sure that the tank has been flushed and any repairs have been done. If you have radiant heating and a boiler, you will also want to have the boiler serviced, and you will want to check all the radiators to make sure they are working properly.

With the right care and repairs, you will be able to catch plumbing problems and fix them before they cause costly water damage issues. If you need help with repairs that you cannot handle on your own, contact a plumbing repair service for help.

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20 December 2019

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