How Heat Pumps Compare To Other Hot Water Heater Types


Not every water heater is right for every home. In addition to conventional water heaters, there are several unconventional types of water heaters, such as solar-powered and tankless water heaters. There are also water heaters that move heat from one location to another and are referred to as heat pump water heaters. This article will discuss how heat pumps compare to other options.

Conventional Hot Water Heaters

With conventional hot water heaters, the water heater generates heat and uses this to warm up the water to be used in your home. However, when you are using a heat pump water heater, the heat is generated somewhere else and is pumped to the hot water heater to warm up the water.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Another type of hot water heater is a solar hot water heater. It heats your water by using sunlight. However, if you live in an area where the temperatures often fall below freezing, the hot water heater might not be as effective as a heat pump.

Also, even in more mild climates, the solar hot water heater doesn't heat water as much. Heat pump water heaters also require warmer climates, but not as much as a solar-powered hot water heater. They are not as efficient when used during a cold winter because they pull heat from the air.

If you live in an area that has colder winters, one option is to install a geothermal heat pump. This is a heat pump that draws heat from the ground. You may also use a desuperheater. This is a small heat exchanger that uses superheated gases from a compressor to heat water. The water is circulated through a pipe to the tank where the hot water is stored.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters

Most hot water heaters store the hot water in a tank. However, tankless hot water heaters heat water on-demand. However, unlike with other methods such as a heat pump water heater, a tankless hot water heater does not produce a consistent temperature.

They can be expensive and they simply do not provide as much hot water. A heat pump water heater, on the other hand, comes with a built-in water tank and also uses a back up resistance heating element. This ensures that you'll have hot water when you need it. While there might be some circumstances where a heat pump is not the right choice, in many cases, a heat pump hot water heater is more efficient.


3 February 2020

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