Adding A New Faucet To Your House


Many homeowners will find that adding a new faucet to the house can significantly improve functionality and comfort. However, this can be a fairly major upgrade to the plumbing, and most homeowners may not be aware of what all can be involved in this type of plumbing change.

Be Mindful of the Challenges of Installing a New Faucet

If you are looking to add an entirely new faucet to the home, you will need to appreciate that this can involve sizable changes to the plumbing as it will be necessary to connect the new faucet to the water supply. As a result of this requirement, you should be aware that placing the faucet far from where the plumbing pipes are located can significantly increase the costs of making this addition as it will require installing far more piping and tubing to connect the faucet to a water source. Before deciding on where you are wanting to faucet to be located, you should have a plumber conduct an assessment to find the location of these pipes so that you will know where will be the easiest to install the new faucet.

Appreciate the Benefits an Aerator Can Provide the Faucet

Many faucets will come without an aerator attachment. For homeowners that may be unsure as to what this device does, it can be easy to underestimate the importance of having one in their faucet. However, the aerator can significantly reduce the amount of water that the faucet uses without compromising the water pressure. This is due to the aerator adding air bubbles to the water as it leaves the faucet. If you have chosen a faucet that lacks one of these features, it will likely be possible to purchase an attachment that will provide these benefits while still allowing you to enjoy the faucet that you want for this area of the home.

Know Whether the Drain Will Need to Be Upgraded

In addition to installing an entirely new faucet, it is also common for homeowners to want to upgrade an existing faucet. While this can be a much easier upgrade to make, it can be possible to need to upgrade the drain. This is common when the new faucet will have a much higher output as it can overwhelm the drain, which can increase the risk of it overflowing. Fortunately, upgrading the drain will still be fairly simple for a professional faucet installation service to do for their clients.

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31 March 2020

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