Drowning The Misconceptions About Bathrooms In Off-Grid Homes


Maybe you are dreaming of an off-grid life free of things like a water bill or power bill. However, if you are like most people with these ideas, you are apprehensive about giving up certain things. Bathrooms in off-grid homes get a bad rap, but it is really unfair misconceptions that cause this issue.

Misconception: Off-grid homes usually have an outhouse

It is true that some off-grid homes have outhouses, but the typical, modern-day off-grid home will have an actual bathroom with a toilet and all those amenities you would expect to see in any other home. There are far more modern ways of handling human waste than what was once normal in an outhouse. 

Misconception: Bathrooms in off-grid homes do not have drainage

Just like a home that is connected to the proverbial grid with connections to supplied city water, homes in off-grid locations do have drainage points just the same. In fact, a bathroom without some form of drainage would be highly inconvenient, so just installing something as simple as a single drainage point under a sink or shower with the help of a plumber can make all the difference.

Misconception: You cannot have a regular toilet in an off-grid home

A lot of off-grid homes are outfitted with things like composting toilets, which involve using a series of buckets and composting material to naturally break down human waste. However, you can have an actual toilet in an off-grid home that is connected to a feeding water line and a drainage line to eliminate the waste. Septic systems can operate independently of electricity, so a plumber can help you install a septic system even if you are off-grid. A feeding water line to your toilet can come from a water well, a rain collection system, or simply a line connected to a cistern. 

Misconception: All bathroom fixtures in an off-grid home have to be high-efficiency

The level of efficiency of your bathroom fixtures is totally reliant on what type of water supply you have in your home. As already noted, you can have water supplied in several ways other than just a city water line. If you have a sufficient water supply to your home, you can choose whatever fixtures you like. Of course, most people transitioning to an off-grid life do prefer to stay as efficient as possible. Therefore, it is always a good idea to work with a professional plumber to pick the best fixtures. 


6 August 2020

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