How Can You Tell When Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping Services?


If your home has a septic tank system in the yard, all your home's wastewater goes to it. A typical tank holds around 1,000 gallons of waste, so you must pump it when it needs it. How do you know when to pump the tank, though? If you are not sure when to pump your tank, here are three signs that can help you know that it needs pumping services now.

Your Drains Are Not Working Well

One of the first signs you might notice when your tank needs to be pumped is problems with your drains. If your drains are not draining correctly, it could be a sign that your tank is full. Additionally, many people notice this with their toilets. If your toilets are not going down as they usually do, you likely need your tank pumped. If you have any problems with your drains, call a plumber immediately. The problem will worsen if you ignore it, and a plumber can tell you if you need your tank pumped.

You Smell Odors or See Water Near Your Tank

The second thing to watch for is smells and water near your septic tank. If you see puddling water in your yard that smells like raw sewage, it is probably because your tank is full. If your tank is full, your wastewater has nowhere to go. As a result, the wastewater will end up in your yard instead of in the tank. If this happens, your system is at risk for other problems. Therefore, you should not wait until you experience this problem. If you wait this long, the waste could clog the pipes in your drain field, and you might experience other problems.

You Have Not Pumped It in Three to Four Years

The other sign that you need pumping services is time. Most plumbers and septic tank companies recommend getting a tank pumped every two to four years. If you have not hired a company to do this for at least three or four years, you probably need to hire a company to pump it. Pumping it on a regular schedule is the best way to prevent problems with your system, and it is always better to prevent problems than to repair them as they come.

If you have questions about getting your tank pumped, talk to a plumber or septic tank pumping company to learn more about these services.


12 August 2020

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