Tips To Clear Out A Slow-Draining Tub


If it takes a long time for water to drain out of your bathtub, take action today. Your slow-draining bathtub could cause serious issues with your entire plumbing system, including a sewer backup. Below are tips you can use to clear out your slow-draining tub today.

Suction Out the Drain

Many things can cause bathtubs to drain slowly, including clumps of hair and dead skin. Even things you might not expect to clog up your bathtub drain can easily do so, including bath bombs, facial clay, and makeup. If you think any of these things clogged up your drain, take care of them with a plunger. You want to use a plunger with a wide, flexible rubber cup to clear out your drain. You want to create enough suction in the cup to break or loosen up the debris inside the drain.

Once you feel as though you've cleared the drain, fill the tub with water and wait for it to siphon out. If the water drains at a reasonably fast rate, you've cleared the drain. If the water bubbles, backs up, or drains slowly, call a plumbing contractor. Your bathtub could have another drainage problem to solve.

Replace the Drain

All plumbing fixtures have the potential to crack, clog up, or corrode with age. If your bathtub drain is cracked or corroded, you want to replace the drain immediately. Otherwise, the drain could collapse or damage the pipe beneath your bathtub. A plumbing contractor may try to clear the drain (and plumbing pipe) themselves before they replace it. If the drain or pipe doesn't clear, a plumber may go ahead and install a new drainage system in your bathtub for you. The new drain should solve the issue at hand.

In addition to installing a new drain, a contractor may:

  • place a hair catcher or strainer in the drain to collect hair and other debris 
  • treat the pipe with enzymes to clear away any debris that may have passed into the pipe
  • recommend follow up treatment to ensure the drain and pipe work properly in your bathtub

You'll need to empty the hair strainer regularly to keep your bathtub drain and pipe clean. If possible, ask a plumber to clean the drains and pipes in your bathroom throughout the year. The regular visits will prevent future clogs in your bathtub.

For more ideas on how to keep your bathtub from draining slow, contact a plumbing professional.


31 August 2020

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