Signs Of Gas Line Issues That Need A Plumbing Contractor


Gas lines transport natural gas from the main supply to relevant household appliances. However, over time, they might develop problems that interfere with their normal functioning. The typical gas line problems include blockages, valve defaults, corrosion, or leaks.

Fortunately, a plumbing contractor can solve these problems. But you need to know how to discover issues earlier enough. Here are warning signs of gas line issues.

Strange Smells

If you notice a strange and unpleasant smell around your gas line areas, your pipes might be leaking. Mercaptan, a harmless chemical that smells like sulfur, is usually added to natural gas. This chemical will make your house have a sulfur odor, often described as a rotten-egg smell. Therefore, you should call a plumbing contractor to find the leak area and fix it.

Slow-Working Appliances

Another sign that your gas line has a problem is when your gas-powered appliances, such as your stove, start to perform slowly. This could be due to blockage or leaks. For instance, if your gas line is leaking, your stove will not access enough gas, and thus it will cook slowly. Also, if your gas-powered heating system suddenly takes too long to warm your home, you need to call a plumbing contractor.

Therefore, it is essential to inspect your appliances regularly to ensure they are efficient. Although the slow performance could be caused by age, your gas supply system might also be the root of the problem.

Rising Gas Bills

If your monthly gas bills have spiked suddenly, you have a leaking gas supply system. This means that you are paying for a resource that went into waste. Don't wait to see if the next gas bill will also be high; instead, get professional gas line inspection services.

Dying Plants

Natural gas usually displaces oxygen required by plants to perform normal processes. Therefore, when potted plants in your house or outside where your gas lines pass die or wither, they are probably absorbing natural gas. This means that your gas line is leaking. Since you may not quickly notice the leak source, don't try to locate the leak. If possible, turn off the main gas valve until the plumber arrives.

If you notice any of the above signs, you should call a plumbing contractor immediately. Most of the gas line problems are linked to improper installation. Take your time to find a gas line services provider near you. 


7 October 2020

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