Buying A Home With A Septic System? Some Questions You May Have


If you have not previously owned a home that had a septic system, then you may have no clue as to what you should expect in terms of maintenance and upkeep with a home that has one. Homes with septic systems do have needs that are somewhat different than homes that run off of city water systems. So, if you are looking at a home that has a septic system, it is a good idea to ensure you are equipped with the right information before you go through with your purchase to ensure it is what you want. Here are some questions you may have, along with their answers.

How Exactly Does a Septic System Work?

The yard will have a septic tank buried in it, and waste will be funneled from your home into that tank. In the tank, light materials will float at the top and solids will settle at the bottom. The layer of waste in between the two will end up draining out of the septic tank into the drain field. Although this waste goes back into the environment, the drain field is designed so that the bacteria are filtered out to avoid any contamination.

What Type of Maintenance Will Be Required?

Your septic tank will need to undergo a professional pumping every three to five years. The frequency of this pumping will depend on the size of the tank and your household. A septic system contractor can assess your circumstances and recommend the most appropriate maintenance schedule for you. In addition, it is best to have your septic system undergo an inspection to ensure that it is in proper working order and so that problems can be caught early.

What Is Safe to Put Down the Drains?

With a septic tank, it is only advised to put human waste, toilet paper, and water down the drain. You should also try to spread any water usage over the course of the week so that you do not overwhelm the septic tank. In addition, you should avoid the use of harsh chemicals since they can kill beneficial bacteria inside of the septic tank that assists in the breakdown of household waste. Opt for natural cleaning solutions instead.

Is It Possible to Check the State of the Septic System?

As previously stated, it is recommended to have a professional inspect the septic system once per year. This is true even if it is not required by your mortgage lender or local laws. This inspection will consist of looking at the maintenance history of the septic system, evaluating its age and tank size based on your household size, and testing it to ensure it is working properly.

If you have any further questions, contact a septic tank contractor in your area. You may want to have an inspection performed on the septic system before you move forward with your purchase.


17 November 2020

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