Sewer Line Hydro Jetting Answers


Sewer line maintenance can be necessary for keeping the water flowing down your drains smoothly. Unfortunately, improper maintenance can lead to the sewer line getting back up. Thoroughly cleaning the sewer line is one of the most effective ways of mitigating this threat so that your plumbing will continue to run smoothly.

Why Is Cleaning The Sewer Line An Important Type Of Maintenance?

Cleaning the sewer line will prevent slug and residue from being able to block it. Without this type of maintenance, you will find that the performance of your sewer line will rapidly degrade over the course of the years, and it may even result in flooding of the home's interior. Sadly, it is a common mistake for people to assume that their slowing drains are the result of a localized plumbing issue. Yet, if the problem is occurring in multiple drains, it can be a sign that your sewer line has started to become obstructed.

Is Cleaning The Sewer Line Always A Lengthy Process?

The sewer line for your home may be extremely long, and this can lead to individuals thinking that it will always take a long time in order for the line to be thoroughly cleaned. Yet, it is possible for a hydro jetting service to rapidly clean the entire length of your home's sewer line. This is due to the effectiveness of the powerful jet of water flushing through the pipe. Furthermore, there will not a need for time-consuming or disruptive excavation in order to clean the sewer line. As a result, you may be able to have this entire work completed in as little as a couple of hours.

Will Hydro Jetting Cause Water To Back Up In The Home?

Due to the fact that this work will involve spraying a powerful jet of water down the sewer line, a homeowner may think that this means that they can expect water in their home's drains to start to get backed up. In reality, these systems will not actually spray enough water in the sewer line to cause this type of backup to occur. While the jet of water from this cleaning system will be extremely powerful, it will be fairly narrow. This should allow the water that is being sprayed down the line to fully drain before the line has a chance to get backed up. In some instances, you may notice an odor briefly coming from your drains as this work is done, but this is due to the hydro jet disruptive some of the gases or stale air that may have been in the line.

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1 December 2020

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