3 Reasons to Have Your Sewer Line Inspected


A sewer line inspection is a handy service to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your home's plumbing or when planning future projects.

1. Look for Blockages

One of the most common reasons to schedule a sewer line camera inspection is to find potential blockages. If your drains have been emptying a bit slower, an inspection can find the cause so you can both eliminate it and prevent it in the future.

Tree roots are one of the most common types of blockage. With an inspection, you can verify that roots are present so you can have them cleaned out. Once cleaned out, you can then rest assured that using a root killer periodically will keep your drains clean. In some cases, though, blockages are caused by items going into the drains, such as too much toilet paper, food waste, or hygiene products. Using a camera to determine the causes allows you to make changes in the house to reduce the amount of these materials entering the drain.

2. Find Developing Damages

It's ideal to perform a camera inspection if your home or neighbor's home experienced any earth disturbances. Over time, sewer lines can begin to collapse or they can separate at the joints. Rust and corrosion can also be an issue in some older iron lines.

An inspection doesn't just discover the type and extent of the damage, it can also provide the location along the pipe where the damage is occurring. This can be helpful in the event you need to replace a section of your line. It can also help you decide whether a full line replacement is necessary, or whether simple pipe relining will solve the problem.

3. Map the System

For homeowners planning to do any deep digging in the yard, such as major landscaping projects, putting in a pool, or erecting new buildings, knowing the exact location of the sewer line is important so you don't accidentally damage it and cause a sewer leak. Sewer inspection cameras can be fitted with GPS units, which are interfaced with a computer program so that a map of the system is generated as the camera moves through the sewer line. The result is a map that your contractor can use when planning your project.

Contact companies like Spartan Plumbing Inc. to schedule a sewer line inspection if you need to learn more about the main drain on your home.


10 February 2021

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